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The aim of this Blog is somewhat incestuous in that the prime aim is to consider and discuss the aims of our primary web site at CLICK_HERE

What Is www.InfoWebSite.UK:

www.InfoWebSite.UK is, as it sounds, an Info Hub on the Web for a wide variety of issues in which I have an interest including web sites and blogs I manage and control personally and a number of web sites and blogs with which I agree or the views of which I value.

The web site will also link with various informative sites which we consider of value in terms of both their views and the facts they carry.

Why Does www.InfoWebSite.UK exist:

It is hoped that with www.InfoWebSite.UK  listing the collective issues that interest many readers of the various sites it will help them link together the information that they require in one place.

Just one site to remember www.InfoWebSite.UK:

www.InfoWebSite.UK will link you with news, articles of interest, facts and opinions all in one place.

Feedback on www.InfoWebSite.UK:

Comments on blogs & web sites on www.InfoWebSite.UK will continue within the constraints that have pertained on them to date.

It is hoped that a Forum can be linked within www.InfoWebSite.UK in the fullness of time, so that not just comments will be possible but discussion and alternative views can be featured about the various linked sites and about www.InfoWebSite.UK itself.

Please bear with us as to steadily improve www.InfoWebSite.UK it will contantly be a work in progress as we strive to improve it for you


We look forward to your views, suggestions, comments and ideas.


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