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much to my surprise the www.InfoWebSite.UK web site is now maybe not as yet up and running but at least it is staggering forward.

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As an umbrella site it is at least performing, despite several occasions when I thought that like an umrella in a high wind it just might blow inside out – we seem to have overcome, or at least moved through, that stage!

There are already many of the sites fully linked now, but clearly there are many more to go!

Not only have I been struggling a bit to work out the software on this site, to keep WordPress users informed, this is not a format of WordPress I have used before.

I really am struggling with the software of ‘ColourBox’ which is the software being used for the www.InfoWebSite.UK siite – RichardB at Andover IT has been a great help and is hosting the site and I’m getting some assistance from ChasO, a long standing friend and although ChasO and I are rather a case of the blind leading the blind when it comes to computers, but there is no doubt that two heads are better than on.

I am becoming ever more aware of the old truism that it takes 4 people to work a computer – 2 to carry the manuals, 1 to work the keyboard and a nine year old to explain it – ChasO and I have relatively successfully avoided having children and thus lack a team of nine year old grand children. However we are getting there slowly!

I’m a little preoccupied this week as I’m having another op. on Thursday as you can see on my Health Blog, which is linked from www.InfoWebSite.UK – I shall be doing some work on the site and my usual blogging until Thursday and hope to be a little more full on sometime over the weekend and thereafter.

Hopefully ChasO will have a chance over the next few days to have a chat with RichardB and arrange to link in a Forum for us on the www.InfoWebSite.UK

For now I hope this blog helps you to keep in touch with our progress at www.InfoWebSite.UK.


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