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sorry for the delay in progress improving the web site.

I’ve had a quick operation, well about 90 minutes actually and it was a TURP 😉 if you want more info just go to the www.InfoWebSite.UK web site then click on >WEBSITES ALL< and then search down for >Health Blog< and search on from there.

By now you are probably becoming more aware of how the new Web Site www.InfoWebSite.UK functions for you. There is still a huge amount of work for me to do to improve the site and what time I have had I have done a series of interview recordings for a friend of mine who has a trans Atlantic web site.

It seems the talks have gone down very well with the fairly large audience he has for his site.

We may well consider doing a similar series of interviews/presentations linked to www.InfoWebSite.UK & You Tube in the future, once we have caught up with ourselves but there is much to do before that.

You will have noticed that many of the sites linked use the same picture, eventually we will have specific identifying pictures for each site.

Also every index link, for lack of a better description will need to be altered to the same number of lines so that the titles line up .across the page.

There are several more web sites and blogs to add.

Also the Forum will take a lot of work to get it functioning and up and running – I’m rather looking forward to the Forum when it starts to function as it will be your way to input to the web site and guide the directions in which it can and will develope.

Then we will add an alphabetic Table of context of every web site we have linked to!

As the site developes you are encouraged to make suggestions, thereby ensuring you find it is a resource that suits you more and more, making your life, news gathering and ideas ever easier to access and spread.


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