well its the morning of the 27th. and perhaps because I have been feeling a bit out of sorts since my op I have been at home and indoors more than I would have been – thus I have managed to get more of the links working on the www.InfoWebSite.UK web site, I’m also quite pleased that I’ve managed to find and size pictures for almost all the internal major links.

I hope you find the pictures sufficiently relevant and attractive that it helps you to navigate the site with a bit more ease and less need to read all the descriptions to find your way around.

There are still a few pictures and links to track down but I’m quite pleased so far when you think Richard only set www.InfoWebSite.UK in motion for me on 13-Feb-2017!

I must admit I have made little or no progress (well zero!) with the Forum as yet. I am still hoping that Chaso & his infinitely better half will be able to help with that as they are due here for a week’s break on Thursday and whilst Mrs. Chaso enjoys the countryside with Lee (my wife) Chaso and I will try and fathom out what we are doing (failing to do!). However Chaso phoned last night to warn us they are both ‘man down’ with some virus or other, just incase they haven’t recovered in time.

That may slow down progress as a session of Chaso & I (the blind leading the blind) might well have moved the entire web site forward considerably.

Of course as I am slowly building www.InfoWebSite.UK I am also tyrying to keep pace with the news and content on my many blogs and web sites as linked from www.InfoWebSite.UK

I am relieved that by having linked in such sites as Dr. Richard North’s excellent EU Referendum Blog with its comments Forum and Pete North’s well informed site and many more, there is now a ready source of information for you, the all important followers of www.InfoWebSite.UK to keep abreast of what is going on. As the linkage system grows we do feel that www.InfoWebSite.UK will become increasingly usefull to you all and eventually become very much a GO TO Site for a diversity of individuals seeking to stay informed in our modern world.

Obviously once the Forum is formulated and up and running there will be a considerably greater and more diverse source of information built in.

We do rather hope you are all doing your bit and aiming your family, friends, associates and colleagues at www.InfoWebSite.UK as do be minded that the more eclectic the site is and the wider the spread of followers becomes the more help it can be to us all.

Oh well – back to do some more tweaking, in as far as I can make progress on my own.