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As May 2017 Moves On – Just An Update For YOU …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




Hi,well its now well into May and although I have added considerable amounts of material (articles/posts) to the various sites on the main InfoWebSite I have I regret managed to do little to make it more user friendly.

Unfortunately Richard has been somewhat elusive and the idiots guide he promised Chas and I is taking a long time coming. We were promised a simple to follow manual on how to implement and operate some of the slightly more sophisticated technicalities on the WordPress ColorBox.

Richard has however managed to switch his hosting to a better, and he feels more reliable, server.

As Chas lives neaer Richard, in Hampshire, he has been my main link with Richard, but even he has had some problems coaxing Richard into drawing up the promised guide and sadly the guide WordPress provides is overly complex and rather less versatile/searchable than one might have hoped for.

Fortunately little of these problems are overly visible to users of the site, but it does mean some links are not functioning and our Forum is delayed, as we are dependent on Richard setting up the basics for that site.

You will however have no doubt noticed that I have added a couple more sites that are not my own as so called, natural links. For instance if you go to the Index Page >WEBSITES – ALL< and scan down you will find my old friend Robin Page’s countryside/rural WebSite SkyLark Warrior which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do – particularly as he is now personna non grata on the BBC, no longer on ‘One Man & His Dog’ and has also been dismissed by the Telegraph, for whom he wrote for many years.

I have also added a link to the archived blog of someone else who I have followed for many years Anna Raccoon You will also, I feel sure, enjoy my link to Cathrine Glass and Dr. David Abbott’s excellent WebSite Brits_at-Their_Best.

Well I do hope you are finding the InfoWebSite.UK  both of interest and help, and if you have any constructive suggestions to help us to improve it for you, and others, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You may be interested to know that as last Sunday was seen as the first in the month, Lee and I went to visit a book Fair in Churchdown, near Cheltenham – where we spent several hours perusing both the gems and the junk on offer. We bought a few sheets of quite early Arabic text over painted with very apposite original artwork – mostly of costumed horsemen.

Lee also purchased 2 exquisite Victorian style pencil drawings and I added some history books to my collection, books on the Empires of the Near East also of the early Empires of South and Central America – fascinating to me!

Two other volumes caught my eye (couldn’t be resisted) ‘Proceedings of the Parliament of Elizabeth I’ 1558-1581 bedited by T.E. Hartley – the other item was a pristine Folio Society copy of Ambrose Bierce’s ‘The Devils Dictionary’, which may well come into use in providing for picturesque language in some of my postings 😉

Much of the rest of our daylight time, at this time of year is occupied with gardening! We have a pleasant garden, if a little too big, when there is work to be done! We also grow a considerable amount of our own vegetables and fruit – so there is far too much weeding to do – not to mention an informal/formal 7Mx5.5M rectangular pond upto 2M deep with filtration, a waterfall and filters that have to be maintained!

I tend to write on getting up in the mornings and then again in the evenings, so our days are fairly full!

Oh well, onwards and ever upwards.