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Rain Is a Mixed Blessing, but it has meant more time adding to the web site …

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Greg Lance – Watkins







progress indeed – Richard visited Chas the other day to bring him upto date with his progress compiling his idiots guide to ColorBox – there seems some hope that we will have an initial copy shortly, then there are a couple of specific problems to sort out so that I can get all the links working properly, at very least.

The next move after that will be to look into getting the Forum in place, I believe, based on my very limited knowledge, that PHP will prove the answer so Richard will have a look at it and see if he can instal it.

My garden is rather happier as we have had a little rain, which has sturdied up many of the younger plants in the veg garden, including the spinach and many squashes – the peas are still a little frail but coming on well as are beans and the potatoes are comming through with a fair bit of leaf, which bodes well for a good crop later in the year.

The big drawback is that any progress with the veggies is far outstripped by the weeds, so that is a job that can’t be put off much longer.

However I really mustn’t complain as the land is desperate for rain after one of the driest March months followed by an April drought and no rain until the night of 11-May. Crops in the fields around us are running late looking like poor yields but my farming friends draw on long experience and rekon it balances out most years – allbeit that may well mean it sluices with rain and makes harvest a nightmare later in the season!

Interestingly, after last years bumper harvest of plums which were so prolific several branches on the Victoria plum broke under the strain. The new Victoria plum I planted to espallier on the South South West facing wall of the house is coming along but rather slowly.

Besides the garden doing well I was quite pleased yesterday not to have been a casualty of the NHS ransome virus and my annual ultra sound check on my heart didn’t show anything gross, but my aorta is steadily annurising right by the valve leading to a bit of backwash as expected – I’m upto a maximum measurement of 4.7cm which is not good as it creeps towards 5cm when my consultant will feel it apposite to get a little more serious!

You’ll find more details on my Health Blog in the next few days – I had wondered whether to ask if I could have a copy of my full medical notes, before the NHS gets seriously hacked and loses them all! I care not if they all become public but I do fear that they could just vanish, leaving my various consultants workintg in the dark! I do have a copy of almost all my scans, I’m pleasedf to say – ultra sound, CT and MRI and there are quite a number of them on the disc – if I understood them a little better I could look at every slice of me down to a milimeter or so!

The rain has also benefitted the web site progress and I have added a great deal of new material and linked in a number of new sites several on the political front and also in the Stolen-kids series, particularly regarding Madeleinne McCann now that the 10th anniversqary of her death (probable) took place in that period of criminal negligence when her parents irresponsibly left those 3 babies alone – also I have brought the Stolen-Kids Dunblane a little more detail, including the full text of Alison Uttley’s book ‘Dunblane Unburied’ onto the site – have a look.

There is more in the pipeline but what I do lack is hours in the day, particularly with all those weeds doing so well!

Oh well, onwards and ever upwards.